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About the 338th


The unit's Headquarters is the 88th Reserve Support Command at Ft. Snelling, Mn.

The 338th is stationed at the 83rd Infantry Division Memorial US Army Reserve Center, Whitehall, Ohio (a suburb of Columbus) and in Livonia, Michigan.

The 338th is currently made up of musicians from every corner of Ohio, Michigan and parts of Kentucky.

Members' ages range from 17 to 50+.

Space in the brass sections is minimal, however, they usually accept auditions on all band instruments, piano, guitar and electric bass.

They are always on the lookout for Active Duty musicians who are ending their enlistments and would like to finish their military careers in the Reserves.


3rd Army PatchThe 338th Army Band was originally formed in 1943 at Camp Siebert, Alabama as part of a support group for General Patton's 3rd Army in Europe.
The band was deactivated before overseas deployment in 1945.
3rd Army UI
2nd Army Patch ssiThe 338th was reactivated in 1952 as part of the U.S. 2nd Army. 
XX_Corps_ssi (4K)Later, the 338th became part of the XXth Corps of the 1st US Army. 
83ReserveCmdSSI (17K)In 1967, the band was reassigned to the 83rd Army Reserve Command at Ft. Hayes, Columbus, Ohio.83ReserveCmdDUI (74K)
88thRSC_SSI (1K)In September of 1995, the 338th was transferred to the 88th Reserve Support Command with headquarters at Ft. Snelling, Minnesota. Subsequently, that command became the 88th Regional Support Command and then the 88th Regional Readiness Command.88thRSCUI (4K)
310ESCpatch.png (1K)In October of 2007, the band was reassigned to the 310th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) headquartered in Indianapolis. 


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